The Office of 行业 Engagement works with 行业 partners 和 researchers to help solve 行业 problems 和 transform technologies 和 discoveries into products 和 services.

正规棋牌游戏排行榜通过赞助研究促进战略合作, 国际研究合作, 许可, 专利和商业化.

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Dr Fisher has extensive experience in leading 和 advising on a broad range of commercial transactions, 包括与全球风险资本建立关系, 与本地和全球公司分拆和授权.

Dr Fisher brings a clear 和 dynamic vision around 行业 engagement 和 commercialisation as pathways connecting academics 和 institutions with the communities 和 sectors where they can have most impact.

Dr Fisher has a PhD in Organic Chemistry 和 a Bachelor of 科学 (First Class Honours) from the University of 悉尼, 以及商业和行政管理方面的资格证书.



导演,战略合作伙伴关系 & 研究区

艾莉森是战略伙伴关系主任 & 十大正规棋牌网站的研究中心. She is central to supporting the growth 和 development of La Trobe’s 研究 和 Innovation Precinct including developing a strategy for the R&一、辖区和每个重点领域:卫生 & 健康和食品 & Agriculture, underpinned by Enabling Digital Technology such as cyber security 和 data analytics.

在加入十大正规棋牌网站之前, 艾莉森曾在多个行业工作过, 政府和非营利组织. She has extensive experience working in the disability 和 welfare reform sector where she has conducted 和 supported research into disability services as well as managed teams supporting allied health professionals to deliver disability 和 injury management interventions. She has also managed complex legal 和 mediation matters related to the delivery of disability services for a Commonwealth agency 和 held senior positions responsible for strategy, 组织和业务发展.



Darren Coomber is the Business Development Manager for 行业 研究 Partnerships.

Darren supports staff to develop 和 maintain research partnerships with external organisations including businesses, 非盈利和社区机构, 和政府机构. Darren also assists 行业 in identifying research partners within the university.

Darren brings to La Trobe over 10 years of experience in open 和 collaborative innovation from roles as Vice President Australia for NineSigma 和 CEO for InnovationXchange Australia. 在这些角色, he assisted clients to identify 和 pursue 技术 partnerships with external organisations. 达伦与包括大学在内的14个国家的客户合作过, 研究机构, 政府机构, 跨国公司和小型公司. 项目涉及包括制药在内的多个行业, 食物, 医疗设备, 消费产品, 矿业, 白色家电和交通.

Darren has a PhD in Chemistry 和 has held academic 和 industrial research positions in Australia 和 the UK.

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Natalia Alvarez Lopez,理学硕士,学士(AgInd)


Natalia Alvarez Lopez is Manager Innovation 和 Commercialisation at 十大正规棋牌网站. 在她的角色, she is responsible for the identification of Intellectual Property arising from researcher activities 和 the development of commercialisation strategies between Universities 和 external stakeholders.

在加入十大正规棋牌网站之前, Natalia是安蒂奥基亚大学的技术转让执行干事, 哥伦比亚第二大大学,有230多个研究小组. 她负责评估技术, 保护, 代表机构进行谈判和交易. 此前加入安蒂奥基亚大学, Natalia was the National Strategy Manager from a federal government entity in Colombia that promotes innovation, 技术, competitiveness initiatives 和 a mentoring program for entrepreneurs (TecnoParque). 在这个角色, she was responsible for designing 和 executing strategies to promote innovative 技术 projects directed at for-profit sectors.

Natalia has extensive experience in the innovation 和 技术 transfer areas 和 facilitating interactions between universities 和 external partners such as funding bodies, 行业和政府. 她拥有技术管理硕士学位, a Specialisation in Innovation Management 和 a Bachelor Degree in Agri-Industrial Engineering. She was also trained in Technology Commercialisation by the IC2 Institute of the University of Texas.


Cerasela Tanasescu


Cerasela is the Director of 正规棋牌游戏排行榜创新和创业项目 with the primary role of overseeing the development 和 implementation of a strong entrepreneurial program all over Victoria 和 in all La Trobe 校园.

热爱创新, Cerasela真的认为可持续的创业是更美好未来的关键. She perceives fostering innovation 和 entrepreneurship as one of the core missions of academia.

Cerasela has 7 years of experience working in universities’ incubators as a senior manager. 在担任这个角色之前,她是Program & RMIT的激活管理器. 她还在巴黎ESSEC商学院担任过几个高级管理职位, where for 6 years she developed new entrepreneurial communities in Europe 和 Singapore. Cerasela也是一位经验丰富的讲师和研究员, 具有多学科专业知识(计算机科学博士), Engineering Degree in Bio-Informatics 和 a Master in Business Administration) allowing her to build connections between different areas of research 和 their applied, 商业化背景下.

自2014年11月以来,Cerasela和她的家人定居在澳大利亚. She loves 墨尔本 和 Victoria 和 has faith in the creativity of younger generation.



劳伦Giusti is the 项目及活动协调员 for the 正规棋牌游戏排行榜创新和创业项目.

Lauren is a highly skilled events 和 public program professional with a background in developing 和 coordinating engaging experiences for a broad range of audiences 和 communities. She has expertise in internal 和 external stakeholder engagement 和 relationship building. 她有敏锐的创意眼光,沟通工作细致. 她强大的行政背景使她在之前的工作中取得了成功.

Lauren has held previous positions in the education 和 creative arts industries including Monash University, 悉尼双年展和维多利亚国家美术馆. She has completed a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary – Visual Arts) 和 a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

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